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Planted Aquarium - Serenity


Planted Aquarium - Serenity Inspiration


Capacity: 46 Gallons
Dimensions: 90x45x55cm
pH: 6.7
KH: 10
GH: 12

Lighting: 2x55 Power Compact (6700k) On a timer for 9 hours a day

CO2: Pressurized CO2 with Reactor

Nutrients: Maintain 10-20ppm of NO3, 1-2ppm of PO4, 15-30ppm of K, and dose 10ml of TMG 3x's a week

Substrate: Flourite

Flora: Alternanthera Reineckii, Anubias Coffefolia, Cryptocorne wendtii, Eleocharis acicularis, Blyxa Japonica, Lobelia Cardinalis 'small', Pogostemon Stellatus Broad

Fauna: Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis, Pristella riddlei

Comments: The second picture was photographed by Chris Scoggins from APC. The aquascape reminded him of the place in the picture. Chris describes it as.... "Where the forest meets the wetlands. A picture of succession. ...I feel lucky to be able to experience this place. There are not many locations like this in my area and that makes this place very special."

Tank shot at 4 months

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