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Planted Aquarium - MeanderProject Aquarium is an aquarium portal encompassing planted aquariums, aquarium plants, and aquascaping. I am an aquarium enthusiast striving to advance the art of aquatic gardening by sharing my experiences, knowledge, and devotion to the planted aquarium hobby.

I have had been fortunate enough to write for some amazing magazines including TFH, FAMA, and TAG, speak at local aquarium clubs and judge many planted aquarum competitions. I enjoy talking with people to share and gain knowledge. I hope to share with you my honest opinions and my experiences as I have experienced them.

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  How To - Build an ADA Style Aquarium StandHow To - Build an ADA Style Aquarium Stand
Here I will go through the steps I went through to create this ADA style aquarium stand. It took me about 40 hours to build this ADA style aquarium stand.


How To - Secure Dwarf RicciaHow To - Secure Dwarf Riccia
Riccia is a great plant to use in the planted aquarium, however riccia also difficult to use because it is a floating plant. If riccia is fastened correctly you can see how powerful a statement it creates within your planted tank idea.

  Takashi Amano - Aquascaper in FocusTakashi Amano - Aquascaper in Focus
I was finally able to meet with Takashi Amano at the AGA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The following pictures are an account of my experiences with Mr. Amano.


Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention 2010Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention 2010
This year the convention was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from November 11th through the 14th. The convention is filled with speakers, sponsors, field trips, competition and friends.


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