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Planted Tank - Nameless


Planted Tank - Filled


Planted Tank - Planted


Planted Tank - Microgeophagus Ramirez


Planted Tank - Complete Stand


Planted Tank - Stand Construction


Capacity: 42 Gallons
Dimensions: 75x45x45cm
pH: 6.8
KH: 3
GH: 5

Lighting: 150 Watt ADA Solar I Pendent

CO2: Pressurized CO2 with Diffuser

Nutrients: ECA and K

Substrate: Amazonina, Power Sand and Decorative Sand

Flora: Java Fern 'Trident', Taxiphyllum Alternans, Cryptocoryne 'Wendtii', Myriophyllum Pinnatum, Echinodorus Vesuvius, Ludwigia Brevipes

Fauna: Microgeophagus Ramirez, Rasbora Hengeli, Otocinclus, Caridina japonica

Comments: This Planted Tank was featured in Tropical Fish Hobbyist's four part series, "Adventures in Aquascaping." The tank was setup and shot within a 4 month period. Each installment included updated pictures as well as a journal of progress.

The stand was custom made using my own tutorial, "How to Build an ADA Style Aquarium Stand." The light stand was also custom made. A step by step tutorial can be found here, "How to Build an ADA Style Light Stand with Stainless Steel."

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