Workshop ~ Planted Aquarium Podcast - Sounds Fishy to Me

The podcast is broken into two parts...

Podcast - Part 1
Podcast - Part 2


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Purpose of the Planted Aquarium Podcasts

The podcasts take a high level look at planted aquariums and all the steps to a successful start in the planted aquarium hobby.  Starting with understanding where to start, to strategies to remain successful.


What's Covered in the Planted Aquarium Podcasts

-About me
-How long I have been keeping aquariums
-How I got into planted aquariums

Why Planted Aquariums
-The unique beauty of planted aquariums
-Providing a natural and healthy environment for our critters

Getting Started
-Just grow plants
-What are my goals after that

-Inert vs. nutrient enriched

-How much light
-Color of light
-Types of light

-CO2 is a nutrient – photosynthesis
-DIY vs. pressurized
-Pressurized parts

-NPK – plant food
-Methods of fertilizing
-What levels should I maintain for my goals

Plant Selection
-Common plants for starting
-Plants for layouts
-Pruning plants

-Avoid salad shooters
-Schooling fish to add to layout
-Shrimp and snails

Algae and Other Challenges
-Types of algae and common causes/solutions
-Critter control of algae
-Don’t give up

What’s Next For the Planted Tank Hobby
-History since Takashi Amano’s Natural Aquarium World
-Landscape inspired work


Special thanks to Frank at Sounds Fishy to Me for taking the time to put all of this together and make me sound good!!



If you find this as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to Help me continue helping everyone.

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